Meet America Events!

A new complex of events in the heart of Tel Aviv.


With 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry of restaurants around the world, the restaurant owner Zviki Eshet, owner of the successful culinary complex Greenberg 25 (Greco, Greenberg Bistro, Gelatria and Pizza) and Chef Eliav Goldberg are now bringing America to Tel Aviv!


A variety of options and spaces for events up to 400 guests with rich and colorful soul food in a light and groove atmosphere.

We offer a unique modular complex of approximately 1000 square meters including an urban courtyard for weddings and wedding parties, corporate events, launch events, concept events, conferences, family events, bar and bat mitzvahs, Brits or just a reason for celebration. We will be happy to create a unique atmosphere for you with DJ, live performances, audio and video system and a variety of menus, including an option for Kosher events.


So come and plan your next event in America at 26 Ibn Gvirol Street, in the lively heart of Tel Aviv.




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Our Event Spaces


Merica - up to 200 guests. Merica Outdoor - up to 150 guests. The Garden - up to 150 guests.

Johnson Bar - up to 300 guests. Conference Room - Up to 120 guests.

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