About America

The American dream - larger than life, colorful, lively, music, tastes and abundance - stands behind the establishment of the new and extraordinary project AMERICA, which opened at the ZOA house in the heart of Tel Aviv. The American restaurant serves an exceptional cuisine, unusual entertainment experience in four different areas, each with its own character and uniqueness - a soul dining restaurant with live music performances, an American bar and a lively Mexican street food stand. Each inspired by American culture rooted in Harlem, Brooklyn, New Orleans and Mexico.


Behind the establishment of AMERICA are the restaurateur Zviki Eshet and his son Uri Eshet, who in recent years have been following the culture of American food. For the two, this is the realization of a dream shared by two generations, each of whom fell in love with the magic, style, energies, tastes and spirit of the New York neighborhoods and the culinary influences that have flowed in recent generations. The two joined Chef Eliav Goldberg, who together with Zviki Eshet is currently in charge of the four dining houses in the Greenberg complex, located in North Tel Aviv. 

The location chosen for the fulfillment of the American dream is the ZOA House, which was established in the 1950s by American donors and was designated as the House of Culture for English Speakers in Tel Aviv. With the help of the architect Dan Troyes, the building has gained new life and an exceptional investment presents a new and up-to-date face to American culture.