Seafood Restaurant in Tel Aviv

Are You Seeking a Seafood Restaurant in Tel Aviv?


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If you are a seafood lover, you do not want to miss the opportunity to explore America, a gathering spot that is considered a top Tel Aviv seafood restaurant venue. In fact, you can choose from various seafood dishes when you explore this culinary marvel.


A Spectacular Eating Experience


Diners can visit such eating enclaves as America or Gringos Tacos. At the dining establishment of America, you can enjoy New Orleans specialties. The concept behind America is simple: pool a number of culinary influences into one spectacular eating experience.


Try the Surf and Turf or Shirley’s Salmon


You can satisfy your craving for seafood by enjoying one of the speciality dishes, for example, at America. The Surf and Turf dish is delicious as is Shirley’s Salmon. The salmon dish features a fish fillet that is grilled and served with onions, leeks, tomatoes, white wine, coriander, and sour cream.


Therefore, if you are looking for pescado or fish, you can find just the dish to satisfy your appetite. For example, the Surf and Turf dish combines shrimp, calamari, sausage, kale, and lemon served on cream corn.


Try the Pescado Ceviche


You can also enjoy seafood at Gringos Tacos, part of the America restaurant facility. Enjoy the Pescado Ceviche that features fried tortillas with raw fish sashimi and red onions, corn, radishes, pineapple, chili, coriander, and tomato sauce.


Whether you are dining casually or wish to enjoy a more upscale eating experience, you will find that America offers a number of delicious seafood offerings. Stop by a seafood restaurant in Tel Aviv today; visit America.