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Enjoy Meaty Treats with the Best Meat Restaurant in Tel Aviv


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One of the great things about the world of food is that it’s a great way to experience all types of different cultures. When you eat at America, you have the opportunity to enjoy some very specific aspects of American cuisine courtesy of the best meat restaurant in Tel Aviv.


All Types of Meaty Entrees


From Country Fried Steak to New York Sirloin, hearty meaty dishes are a staple of American cuisine, and they’re likewise a fixture of America, helping secure its status as the best meat restaurant in Tel Aviv.


Are you in the mood for some classic Surf and Turf done New Orleans style? How about some pulled smoked beef ribs prepared in a uniquely American style, or white barbecue ribs served with Jack Daniels-flavored sauces? Maybe you’re more of a fried chicken person, and would instead like to try and American classic–Streetbird Waffles.


From well-prepared fish to barbecue ribs to fried chicken, calamari, and so much more, America serves up all types of meaty entrees, all served with an American twist.


Burgers and Sliders


Few foods are more popularly associated with American cuisine than hamburgers. That said, far too many people associate them with mere fast food. From New York delis to Los Angeles burger places, a well-prepared hamburger can be a truly tantalizing treat. As the best Tel Aviv meat restaurant, America knows how to serve them up with all types of veggies and toppings in true All-American fashion. Sliders are likewise a great way to enjoy the great taste of a well-prepared hamburger in lighter proportions.


Whether you’re looking for a quick lunchtime burger or fine dinner feast with family and friends, you’ll want to check out America, a Tel Aviv meat restaurant like no other.