Best Lunch in Tel Aviv

Enjoy the Best Lunch in Tel Aviv with an American Twist


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Maybe you’re looking for a place to go for your daily lunch breaks at work. Maybe you’re looking for a place to celebrate a birthday party or promotion with family and friends. Maybe you’re in the mood for a light soup, healthy sandwiches, hearty burgers, or anything in between, but one thing is for sure–you’re looking for the best Tel Aviv lunch in town.

At America, you’re always assured a great meal at a great price.


Soups and Salads


If you’re looking for a light lunch, you can’t do much better than a great soup or salad. American Restaurant features a wide assortment of different fresh salad options. Are you in the mood for a Mexican-American-themed salad featuring a fresh mix of corn, radish, feta cheese, parsley, chili, tomatoes, and all types of palate-thrilling spices? Maybe you’re up for a scintillating chestnut soup?


Whatever your soup or salad pleasure might be, you’ll find it at America. They serve up the best lunch in Tel Aviv, and they do it with a smile.


Lunch Entrees


What’s lunch without a great sandwich or burger option? Staples in American cuisine, everything from hamburgers to delicatessen-style sandwiches have taken the world by storm. Fresh sandwiches can offer the best lunch in Tel Aviv to those looking for a tasty midday snack without delving into too many calories. All meals at America are prepared fresh and served quickly, making America the perfect choice for both on-the-go as well as sit-down lunch options.


Enjoy the best Tel Aviv lunch entrees with an American twist at America today.